Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Virulent - The Story

Matt Nisbet from the band Virulent was kind enough to let us in via email on how the band started AND about the new album.

Cynfully Luscious:  Please tell me a little bit about your band, how you started, your new album, and the new video Chuggernaut. I did a little post about you on my blog but I would like to know more.

Matt Nisbet (Virulent):  The absolute first version of this project was originally our singer Mike Neve and myself just writing guitar/song ideas over programmed drum beats to try and nail down the direction we wanted to move into. Mike and I have been in local area bands for years but at that point were out of the game for a few years due to members from bands past that made just being in a band more of a hassle than fun/productive.  Our old bands played many, many shows together back in the hay day of Bostons, and Bash on Ash, so we always like each others styles and what not and wanted to work together for something new.

After we had some ideas flowing, Mike setup a recording session with a live drummer friend of his at Impact Studios that his buddy Kurt's house. That drummer, became our drummer Barrett Gardner and that Studio is where we have recorded everything to date and are almost done tracking "The Great Destroyer" album there as well.  After we wrote about 4 songs together as a traditional band we reached out to the non-drama band mates from past projects to see if they were interested in what we had going on. My friends Allan (Bass) and Christian (Electronics & Vocals) came aboard. Our Guitarist Keith came from a Facebook post we made about trying to find another guitarist. We never tried anyone else out for his spot. With these members in place, we some how created the environment of no drama and straight focus.

Now for the album details. The Great Destroyer is roughly 13 to 14 tracks right now. We are in the final throws of vocal recording right now and are shooting for a fall/winter release. The range of the album goes from full on brutal breakdowns to expansive airy choruses to ambient instrumental tracks. I prefer to write actual songs instead of a collection of heavy guitar riffs that are just shoved together with no reason other than "uh muh guh so br00tahl" although there is a little of that going on.   My influences go from The Cure & Depeche Mode to the likes of Whitechapel & Amon Amarth so I feel it makes for a diverse song in the end.

As for the Chuggernaut Video. I just recently learned some video editing software and thanks to Bill Collins of Downstream Photography and some phone footage that fans gave us, I had alot to work with to make a montage style video. We chose that song because it always goes over well live and even though its not the Album's version, we still love the way it came out. It was so cool to mix in fan footage for our first video and hope to add more in later videos. you have the rest of the story.  Congratulations to Virulent on their new video and album.  Looking forward to hearing this.

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